libc++ Upcoming Meeting Status

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This page shows the status of the papers and issues that are expected to be adopted in the next WG21 Meeting.

The groups that have contributed papers:

Paper Status

Paper #GroupPaper NameMeetingStatus
P0553R4LWGBit OperationsCologneComplete
P1355R2LWGExposing a narrow contract for ceil2CologneComplete

Library Working group Issues Status

Issue #Issue NameMeetingStatus
Issue #Has P/RIssue NameMeetingStatus
2899Yesis_(nothrow_)move_constructible and tuple, optional and unique_ptrCologne
3055Yespath::operator+=(single-character) misspecifiedCologne
3158Yestuple(allocator_arg_t, const Alloc&) should be conditionally explicitCologne
3169Yesranges permutation generators discard useful informationCologne
3183YesNormative permission to specialize Ranges variable templatesCologne
3184YesInconsistencies in bind_front wordingCologne
3185YesUses-allocator construction functions missing constexpr and noexceptCologne
3186Yesranges removal, partition, and partial_sort_copy algorithms discard useful informationCologne
3187YesP0591R4 reverted DR 2586 fixes to scoped_allocator_adaptor::construct()Cologne
3191Yesstd::ranges::shuffle synopsis does not match algorithm definitionCologne
3196Yesstd::optional<T> is ill-formed is T is an arrayCologneComplete
3198YesBad constraint on std::span::span()CologneComplete
3199Yesistream >> bitset<0> failsCologneComplete
3202YesP0318R1 was supposed to be revisedCologneComplete
3206Yesyear_month_day conversion to sys_days uses not-existing member functionCologneComplete
3208YesBoolean's expression requirements are ordered inconsistentlyCologneNothing to do
3209YesExpression in year::ok() returns clause is ill-formedCologneComplete

Issues to "Review"

Issue #Issue NameMeetingStatus

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