libc++ Upcoming Meeting Status

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This page shows the status of the papers and issues that are expected to be adopted in the next WG21 Meeting.

The groups that have contributed papers:

Paper Status

Paper #GroupPaper NameMeetingStatus

Library Working group Issues Status

Issue #Issue NameMeetingStatus
3231year_month_day_last::day specification does not cover !ok() valuesBelfast
3225zoned_time converting constructor shall not be noexceptBelfast
3190std::allocator::allocate sometimes returns too little storageBelfast
3218Modifier for %d parse flag does not match POSIX and format specificationBelfast
3224zoned_time constructor from TimeZonePtr does not specify initialization of tp_Belfast
3230Format specifier %y/%Y is missing locale alternative versionsBelfast
3232Inconsistency in zoned_time deduction guidesBelfast
3222P0574R1 introduced preconditions on non-existent parametersBelfast
3221Result of year_month arithmetic with months is ambiguousBelfast
3235parse manipulator without abbreviation is not callableBelfast
3246What are the constraints on the template parameter of basic_format_arg?Belfast
3253basic_syncbuf::basic_syncbuf() should not be explicitBelfast
3245Unnecessary restriction on '%p' parse specifierBelfast
3244Constraints for Source in §[fs.path.req] insufficiently constraintyBelfast
3241chrono-spec grammar ambiguity in §[time.format]Belfast
3257Missing feature testing macro update from P0858Belfast
3256Feature testing macro for constexpr algorithmsBelfast
3273Specify weekday_indexed to range of [0, 7]Belfast
3070path::lexically_relative causes surprising results if a filename can also be a root-nameBelfast
3266to_chars(bool) should be deletedBelfast
3272%I%p should parse/format duration since midnightBelfast
3259The definition of constexpr iterators should be adjustedBelfast
3103Errors in taking subview of span should be ill-formed where possibleBelfast
3274Missing feature test macro for <span>Belfast
3276Class split_view::outer_iterator::value_type should inherit from view_interfaceBelfast
3277Pre-increment on prvalues is not a requirement of weakly_incrementableBelfast
3149DefaultConstructible should require default initializationBelfast

Issues to "Review"

Issue #Issue NameMeetingStatus

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