libc++ C++2b Status


In November 2020, the C++ standard committee adopted the first changes to the next version of the C++ standard, known here as “C++2b” (probably to be C++23).


Features in unreleased drafts of the standard are subject to change.

The groups that have contributed papers:

  • CWG - Core Language Working group
  • LWG - Library working group
  • SG1 - Study group #1 (Concurrency working group)


“Nothing to do” means that no library changes were needed to implement this change.

Paper Status

Paper # Group Paper Name Meeting Status First released version
P0881R7 LWG A Proposal to add stacktrace library Autumn 2020    
P0943R6 LWG Support C atomics in C++ Autumn 2020    
P1048R1 LWG A proposal for a type trait to detect scoped enumerations Autumn 2020 Complete 12.0
P1679R3 LWG string contains function Autumn 2020 Complete 12.0

Last Updated: 30-Nov-2020